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Sindhri Mango


Mangoes are known to be the uncrowned king of fruits and its best varieties is cultivated in the South Asian region for decades. Although it’s a seasonal fruit but people wait all around the year for summers to enjoy this natural delicacy. Sindhri mangoes are originated from Mirpur Khas region in Sindh, Pakistan and is one the most famous and sought after variety of mangoes. Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan are also known as honey mango due to its lemon-yellowish skin colour and are available in oblong shaped large size widely known as Queen of mangoes.

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Ganesh Traders is one of the most reputable Sindhri mango exporter from Pakistan which can provide Sindhri mangoes all around the world as per customer requirements. Sindhri mangoes has a very rich and smooth flavour with irritating fibres which is both sweet and tangy in the beginning of the season but as the climate gets hotter the level of sweetness is increases in this variety. It is a very juicy, aromatic and thin skinned variety which usually come in the end of May and lasts till July. Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan are usually used for making healthy smoothies and beverages, desserts, fruit salads or eaten on its own as a delicious snack to satisfy mango cravings.

Sindhri mangoes are not only incredibly delicious to eat but have many health benefits for the consumers as it is rich in vitamin C, fibre and many other vitalnutrients. Sindhri mangoes are a good source of natural sugar along with being high in antioxidants which helps improves overall immunity, better iron absorption, improves digestionsystem and aids in growth and repair of skin and hairs. But it should be consumed in moderation based on the daily caloric consumption and advised to eat fresh on its own rather than in form of beverages or juices. Feel free to contact Ganesh Traders for your supply of cheap Sindhri mangoes all around the world in economical rates as they are the best Sindhri mango exporter from Pakistan.