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13. Experiencing Butterflies Or The Whole Damn Zoo

13. Experiencing Butterflies Or The Whole Damn Zoo

When you talk, there are endless topics at your disposal. Time seems like it’s fleeting quicker than it’s supposed to. But even when you are not talking, the silence does not seem awkward, but understanding. There are comfortable silences that both of you enjoy in each other’s company.

The strange tingly feeling you get when you are excited about something is what people call ‘butterflies in your stomach.’ But it’s more like a whole zoo stampeding in your stomach when you feel chemistry with someone.

14. Looking Forward To Meeting Again

When you both meet, sparks fly, and you are having such an amazing time you can get lost in the moment. And when it’s time for you to get back to the real world, it’s heartbreaking. You cannot wait to meet again and count days until your next meet. If every moment with them feels like experiencing a moment of perfect synergy, this might be a sign you’ve found a kindred connection.

15. Having Playful Banters

Playful bantering includes flirting and teasing. Such non-harmful things are a playful way to get each other to concentrate on what the two of you share.

16. Teasing Each Other

If you want to get a https://lovingwomen.org/tr/blog/cinde-flort-kulturu/ reaction out of someone, what do you do? You playfully “annoy” them. The little banter you have, the nicknames, when you push each other around, imitate one another, playfully pick on each other, and anything you do to elicit a reaction out of them act as conversation starters. Read more