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Have You Met the Right Person at the Wrong Time? Here’s How to Cope

Have You Met the Right Person at the Wrong Time? Here’s How to Cope

Even though it seems like this person checks all the boxes, it feels like the entire universe is conspiring to keep you apart. And while you might keep trying to make the relationship work, circumstances seem determined to prevent you from being together. In some other reality, the two of you might’ve gone on to have a long and happy love story. But instead, you’re forced to let this person go before your connection has a chance to be fully realized.

This experience can be a source of intense frustration and heartbreak and the task of processing it and moving forward is not an easy one. When external or internal forces are destined to keep you apart, how do you deal?

The truth is, that the factors and circumstances that prevent the relationship from moving forward vary from person to person. In some cases we might even try to make a less-than-perfect relationship work. and it’s important to discern whether this is a good idea or not.

So, unfortunately, there is no universal advice that will make this sucky situation feel better right away. The best you can do is give yourself the space to navigate your feelings and figure out the best course of action for you.

At a Glance

As you navigate the emotional minefield that is meeting the right person and the wrong time, focus on making decisions that are aligned with your values and goals. Prioritize your own needs and make the choice that best supports your long-term happiness. The timing may be off, but clarifying your goals and learning from the experience can help you better recognize what you want in future https://getbride.org/sv/blog/kanadensiska-kvinnor-kontra-amerikanska-kvinnor/ relationships. Read more