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Aseel Dates Variety


Aseel dates is one of the most common variety of dates cultivated and produced in Pakistan which are not only widely consumed nationally but also exported to all the major countries globally due to its great taste and texture, high nutritional value and organic cultivation process in Pakistan. Aseel dates are originated from Sindh province in Pakistan particularly produced in Mirpur Khas and Sukkur. This variety of date is in large oval shape with dark-brown skin and has plenty of pulp. Aseel dates are sweet, juicy and soft in texture with high levels of energy and nutrients. Ganesh Traders is one the most reliable processor and exporter of Aseel dates from Pakistan grown organically on dates farms in Sindh. Aseel dates helps relieve digestive issues, ulcers, intestinal ailments, heart problem, anemia and many other health issues due to its great nutritional properties.

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Ganesh Traders exports organic Aseel dates of great quality all around the world on wholesale rates.

Aseel dates have high fibre content, proteins, carbohydrates and comparatively low in calories than other variety of dates. These are also rich in many vital nutrients including calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium and many other essential minerals and multivitamins that are great for health. Aseel dates are also helpful for losing weight as they are used in diet for alternative of sugar or honey as a natural sweetener which helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are also useful for building muscles and acts as a power dose for athletes and people with greater physical activities as it’s an instant source of energy. Aseel dates from Pakistan are widely known for its taste and texture which is great to be used in cooking and making desserts as well or consumed with or in beverages too.

Date Paste

Date paste (also known as date honey) is a natural fruit sweetener that you can use in place of honey or maple syrup in recipes.

Chopped Dates


Chopped Dates make a handy, sweet snack or key ingredient to add to cereals, oatmeal, muffins, snack bars, granola, energy bites, pudding, etc

Date Powder


Our Date Powder is made from pure dates. The process consists of grinding 100% natural dates into fine powder ready to be used as a replacement for white and brown sugars. The powder form makes it a healthy sugar alternative for baking and cooking needs.

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